Brussels police find 15kg of high explosives after attacks

              Brussels prosecutor said police also found 150 litres of acetone, detonators, bags filled with nails plus other equipment used to make bombs.. Brussels prosecutor said police also found 150 litres of acetone, detonators, bags filled with nails plus other equipment used to make bombs. (file photo/Reuters)

Police investigating the Brussels attacks found 15 kilogrammes of TATP high explosives and a mass of bomb-making material during searches in the Schaerbeek district of the Belgian capital, the federal prosecutor said today.

Frederic van Leeuw said police also found 150 litres of acetone, detonators, bags filled with nails plus other equipment used to make bombs of the type used in the attacks which killed 31 people and wounded another 270.

TATP high explosives have been used extensively by Islamic State jihadists.


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